SLA – 3D Printing

SLA – Stereolithography

“From large frame machines using watershed resin to intricate detail produced on a viper”

Stereolithography is the most widely used rapid prototyping/ technology.  It is generally considered to provide the greatest accuracy and best surface finish of any  prototyping/3D printing process. SLA has a high resolution and is most commonly used as patterns for silicone tooling. Often sanded, painted, & tinted. Stereolithography is fast, allowing prototypes to be made in a matter of days, and the complexity of the model is seldom a factor.

Applications of SLA Technology include; Aesthetic & conceptual models. Parts requiring crisp detail and accuracy. Master patterns for polyurethane castings. Quickcast™ investment patterns allowing rapid production of metal castings. Design evaluation models.

Large models are produced on one of MNL’s Stereolithography(SLA) machines using Somos 11122 Watershed™ resin. The clear resin has properties that match ABS, one of the most widely used plastics throughout the manufacturing industry. Watershed™ is ideal for flow analysis models, waterclear models including lenses and lightguides. The resin is extremely durable making it excellent for snap fits. Its low water absorption means it is not affected by high humidity levels. It is also the resin of choice for Quickcast™ investment patterns for foundry use.



sla-close-upSmall highly intricate models are produced on either one of MNL’s High res machines or the Ultra-High res Viper machine also using Watershed™ resin. The Viper in Ultra Hi-res mode utilises the lasers extremely small spot size of just 0.075mm to produce precise, crisp detail on even the most intricate complex parts.

For detailed material data sheet download here

MNL utilise their 40plus years of model making experience to combine the two capabilities, producing large hybrid models with complex areas.

Different levels of finish available; from straight off the machine to fully finished with a wide array of finishes from matt to high gloss.

Numerous SLA machines enable MNL to offer their three tier costing system.

The philosophy of the tiered costing system is thus:

img_8575Premium route, builds are organised by MNL so that customers can utilise an entire machine solely for their project. This means that parts are built in the shortest amount of time possible. In some cases multiple machines may be used to spread the load, reducing build time once again.

Standard route, builds are organised so that several jobs are built at once with a good balance of efficiency and speed.

Budget route, builds are organised by MNL so that machines are stacked out for maximum efficiency, these are longer builds however  30% off standard pricing in exchange for a few extra days is often strongly utilised.

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