Additional Large Frame SLA machine

SLA capacity has been significantly increased due to high demand for SLA parts.

The new machine has a build envelope of 520 x 520 x 580mm, the second machine this size at MNL. This brings the total to:

2 Large Format SLA machines capable of standard res builds up to 520 x 520 x 580mm build envelope.

2 Medium Format machines capable of High Res builds up to 260 x 260 x 260mm build envelope.

1 Small Format machine capable of building in Ultra High Res mode up to 125 x 125 x 250mm build envelope.

Three Tier Costings

The popularity of our 3-tier costing system has led to the purchase of an additional SLA machine, the 3rd in as many years.

The philosophy of the tiered costing system is thus:

Premium route, builds are organised by MNL so that customers can utilise an entire machine solely for their project. This means that parts are built in the shortest amount of time possible. In some cases multiple machines may be used to spread the load, reducing build time once again.

Standard route, builds are organised so that several jobs are built at once with a good balance of efficiency and speed.

Budget route, builds are organised by MNL so that machines are stacked out for maximum efficiency, these are longer builds however  30% off standard pricing in exchange for a few extra days is often strongly utilised.

Introductory Offer

In celebration of the introduction of this latest SLA machine we are offering 14% off all parts produced via the standard pricing route.

Offer of 14% Off level 1 SLA parts is restricted to parts produced via our standard route option.

Offer available on new quotes produced from 4th July 2014.

Closing date for orders for the 14% offer is 16:00 on 31 August 2014.

Please quote code MNLSML1 on your correspondence to obtain discount.

SLA parts, optically finished. One tinted red.

SLA parts; both polished optically clear, one with a red tint

This new additional capacity comes in the shape of another large format platform machine offering a 520 x 520 x 580mm build envelope. Once again we have filled the machine with WaterShed XC SLA resin from DSM Somos. This Clear ABS-like resin offers superior levels of clarity. Even with little or no finishing we can produce relatively clear components. Optically clear components are available with extra finishing. WaterShed XC resin data sheet