BA Cuppa Advert

MNL’s brief was to produce an SLA model that would be used in photography for a BA Advert.

In collaboration with Mimesis Models, a company in London who specialise in models for commercials and Adverts, MNL produced a tea cup via stereolithography.

The CAD department produced several versions with various sizes of “tiles” for the inside of the “swimming pool”. When the final tile size was chosen the data was used to “3D print” the cup via SLA.

MNL’s finishing team removed the build lines and sprayed the inside with a white paint.

The individual tiles were hand-painted at Mimesis Models in three shades of blue to represent a typical swimming pool to go along with the theme for the advert.

The photography shoot took photos of fine bone china as seen in the ad, which was then superimposed with another shot of the model cup containing tea.

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