Foundry Patterns and Waxes

Whether you require a simple sand casting pattern, or a large intricate investment ‘wax’ complex piece of jewellery, Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) has the technology to help you out. MNL have been producing foundry patterns waxes for over half of its 40 plus year history. Since the inception of 3D printing (and its plastic-only limitations in the early days) various methods have been developed for producing components in metal. The team of technology consultants at MNL will choose the best additive manufacturing process to suit your requirements. Solutions exist for complex components not previously suited to tooling for waxes, or when the design required the wax to be made in several pieces and bonded together prior to investing.

With wax patterns available in only a matter of hours, valuable development time is not wasted. When castings require excellent surface finish too, methodologies exist for satisfying this requirement, whether it comes from silicone tools or various additive manufacturing technologies, MNL has developed and perfected a process to yield excellent surface finish and quality usually only expected from expensive mass manufacturing processes. Regardless of size, complexity or quantity, MNL has a choice of processes to produce your prototype investment castings in most metals including; Aluminium, Zinc, Titanium, Steels, and magnesium. We specialise in producing the investment casting “waxes” and then subcontract out to a selection of foundries that have been specifically chosen for their material choice, quality and willingness to do prototype runs alongside their production.

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