Rapid Prototyping Services For Architectural Design

Contemporary architectural design pushes the boundaries of engineering and materials. Architects and structural engineers require a reliable facility to fully test design concepts and evaluate aesthetic considerations.

With rapid prototyping, detailed architectural models can be produced from CAD files in just a couple days. 3D printing is ideal for quickly transforming architectural sketches and digital CAD into a physical expression of the architect’s vision and produce the complex models that this field demands.

CAD and additive layer manufacture (rapid prototyping) has enabled architects to rapidly produce scale models of even the most complicated of structures. Our SLA materials are ideal for depicting intricate designs with a range of possible surface finishes, including optically clear materials. Our SLS technology enables us to build creative forms with strength and integrity in single pieces.

For architectural models and prototypes Malcolm Nicholls Ltd. (MNL) produces a high resolution surface finish and precise detailing. Accurately produced to scale, complex design ideas can be faithfully visualised in 3-dimensions, including interior design features, surface textures and finishes.

We can further enhance the features using expert techniques for faithfully realising colour/tint and many additional details.

MNL also produce technical models. An example would be for wind tunnel testing and stress analysis, with built in air pressure tubes accurately manufactured using Stereolithography (SLA) direct from your CAD data. Large scale models present no problem, as models can be sectionallyl deconstructed using CAD and reassembled. SLA can also be used for any transparent model requirements, as the models can be post finished to any degree of clarity.

Our range of high definition materials allow architectural clients to translate 2D designs and rendered visualisations into beautifully detailed and accurate scale models. Physical 3D models are perfect for display purposes or to communicate ideas to customers not familiar with interpreting plans and drawings.

Used in conjunction with the traditional architectural model-making techniques that MNL has developed over the last 40-plus years, we can deliver highly detailed and highly finished models in very quick time-scales within budget that stand out from the crowd.

Architectural Prototype Success Stories

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