Rapid Prototyping Services For The Ministry Of Defence

The very nature of the requirements for MOD can make enormous demands on the physical properties and strengths of the intended production materials. The combination of ultra-strong, ruggedized materials and the ability to make customised manufacturing cost effective has made 3D printing popular for high-end equipment manufacturers in the defence sector.

Established 40-plus years, Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) supplies highly detailed and accurate scale models of military vehicles and armaments to the defence sector. Whilst MNL are still supplying clients at the forefront this sector, MNL also provides engineering solutions to design projects requiring physical prototypes for test evaluation such as engineering models, training aid models, ruggedized prototypes, functional prototypes and devices, and Low-volume production-grade parts.

Stringent testing is essential for any equipment that must perform in the toughest and demanding environments. Likewise, product development in this field can often involve sensitive information and this demands total confidentiality, which MNL guarantees unequivocally. MNL has the capabilities and technology all in-house for creating prototypes and devices for clients at the vanguard of the MOD / Defence / Security sectors.

MNL’s 40-plus years of experience and expertise are artfully combined alongside traditional craft skills with state-of-the-art additive manufacturing technologies that are most suitable to the job at hand. As the company has evolved and upgraded its technology base and material options, MNL can also offer low-volume production runs, with options that do not require expensive tooling.

Utilising in-house advanced manufacturing systems, MNL also provide engineering solutions to design projects requiring physical prototypes for testing and performance evaluation.

With experience and understanding of the Defence and Security sectors, and having all these capabilities within a single company, allows MNL to be your secure and reliable ‘single source solution’ for all of your prototyping and promotional requirements.

Ministry Of Defence Case Studies

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