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Rapid Prototyping Services For Sports & Leisure

Prototypes provide invaluable support for the development of advanced sports equipment used in a vast array of professional and amateur sports. Choosing the best method to prototype, before venturing into production tooling, can be daunting. Whatever you’re prototype requirements, Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) can advise on suitable manufacturing techniques and materials, ensuring you obtain the results you desire at an affordable price. Sporting equipment and accessories are also important for encouraging safe participation in many leisure activities. With an ever growing interest in extreme sports, safety is paramount. From gaining the competitive edge to increasing safety and all-ability participation, our bespoke models and prototypes have supported product development from conception to production-ready.

MNL’s extensive knowledge of durable materials and manufacturing processes, accumulated over 40-plus years, underpins our extensive in-house advanced manufacturing technologies, putting MNL in a unique position in this field.

Our comprehensive range of manufacturing services provides customers with a ‘single source solution’ for all of their physical prototyping requirements, helping manufacturers get their products to market more cost-effectively in ever shorter time scales.

In competitive sports the design of equipment can play a vital role in performance levels. A slightly better aerodynamic line or lightweight material often provides the edge and percentage margin that makes the difference between winning and losing. New developments in equipment design can also enable all-ability access to a greater range of sports and leisure activities.

Sports & Leisure Prototype Case Studies

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