One Run for Boston 2

Once again MNL are proud to sponsor the One Run for Boston event.

The 3328 mile relay across USA is a 300+ stage relay run where sponsored runners carry the Boston Baton from LA on the west coast to Boston on the East coast of America.

This year the month long relay was timed to finish one week before the start of the Boston Marathon which would mark the 1st anniversary of the horrific event.

The olympic style baton that is carried by runners over the 300+ stages has once again been designed by Jonathon Parlby.

MNL have once again produced the Baton via vacuum casting the various components from silicon tools that have been made from 3D printed versions of each component.

The variety of colours, materials and textures in the Baton are a great showcase for the capabilities of the fantastic team at MNL.

So far this year the total raised for the bombing victims is in excess of 450,000 dollars.