Investment Waxes Patterns and Castings

Prototype Investment Waxes, Patterns & Castings

“From one off highly complex components – to batches of several hundred”

Regardless of size, complexity or quantity, we have a choice of processes to produce your prototype investment castings in most metals including; Aluminium, Zinc, Titanium, Steels, and magnesium. We specialise in producing the investment casting “waxes” and then subcontract out to a selection of foundries that have been specifically chosen for their material choice, quality and willingness to do prototype runs alongside their production. So whether you require waxes for your own foundry purposes or metal castings, we have the right process for you.

Techniques on offer:

SLA Quickcast™ using Watershed™ 11120;

Direct patterns from 3D data within 2-3 days. Ideal for medium to large components. Compatible with standard foundry practises, Watershed™ material is the best choice resin for QuickCast™. It has low ash content (0.035%) and low antimony content (0.021%). It also has an HDT low enough to ensure pattern collapse during burn-out preventing shell burst. Improved accuracy, surface finish and larger one-piece patterns are advantages over Castform™.

SLS Castform™ PS;

Direct patterns from 3D data within 3-4 days. Ideal for medium sized highly complex components. Excellent for complex models with features that would prove awkward or impossible to mould from standard tooling. MNL have developed a method to improve the surface finish to that from standard Castform™ products, giving aesthetically pleasing castings as well as functional ones. Although ideal for 1-offs, depending on size, 100s of waxes can be produced in only a few days. Advantages over Quickcast™ include even lower ash content (0.02%) and supports are not required, perfect for internal coring etc.

Investment Casting Waxes from Silicone Tools

This solution is perfect for multiple waxes, especially when quantities are unknown, as extras can be produced in hours. This cost effective route produces waxes with the best surface finish over all three techniques. The wax itself is standard foundry wax, thereby replicating the exact production environment.

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