Large Format 3D Printing

Large format 3D printing, utilising our large format SLA 3D printers with their impressive build platforms of 800 x 800 x 600mm.

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Are you looking for large format 3D printing? Malcolm Nicholls is the UK’s leading 3D Printing service specialists in Rapid Prototyping and Low-Volume Manufacturing/Production, we can produce clear 3d prints, custom 3D printing or even 3D print prototyping large frame parts (built on 800 x 800 x 600mm build platforms) batch manufacturing services where we can build from 1 – 1000’s of parts across a wide range of industries to include automotive and motorsport too, consumer products, aerospace and medical sectors.  

With our 50 years of experience in prototyping and 23 of those years in 3D printing we are on hand to help you furthermore, we can produce large format 3D printing without the need for sectioning and fabricating back together, utilising our large format SLA 3D printers with their impressive build platforms of 800 x 800 x 600mm.

When to choose 3D Printing of Large Parts

When choosing 3D Printing of Large Parts

Large-scale 3D printing is necessary to print a range of bulkier items including furniture, vehicle parts and architectural models.  It can also be used where traditional manufacturing methods are unviable, such as when 3D printing large custom parts or bespoke items.

What Are The Benefits Of Large Format 3D Printing?

There are several benefits to large format 3D printing including:

  • Stereolithography (SLA) is an industrial 3D Printing process used to create concept models and complex or even very intricate components
  • The Neo800 produces highly accurate parts with unparalleled industry quality. The printed parts are dimensionally accurate, with exceptional sidewalls and crisp feature resolution
  • With the superior surface finish our 3D printing machines offer when it comes to finishing your 3D Print you can reduce your finishing time up to 50%.
  • Large components such as Automotive front grilles on a car that used to be sectioned are now built in one, without the need to fabricate/ bond them back together thus reducing the build time and saving both time and money.
  • Large build platforms are ideal for Multiple components/ assemblies or even multiples of the same component that are consistent in their accuracy and crispness of features.
  • Better quality prints with a superior surface finish means fewer man hours surface finishing thus saving the all-important time and money
  • With Large volume 3D printing, you can create objects with features that wouldn’t be possible through conventional manufacturing methods. These include internal channels and complex lattice structures.
  • Using one of our large frame 3D Printers we can produce transparent 3D parts perfect for surgical guides, medical training aids, flow testing where you can add a coloured smoke or dye to evaluate your prototype
  • Our large-frame 3d printers can also be used for wind tunnel models, landscape models, construction models and much more


Large Volume 3D Printing In Faster Time Frames

As a leading 3d printing company and prototyping experts, we can 3D print large parts, or a large volume of SLA parts, in a matter of hours or days. Renowned for our delivery times and prototype finishing, Malcolm Nicholls are the perfect 3D printing partner for your large-volume 3D printing better still we don’t have a minimum order quantity so you can order a one off or thousands of parts and have them finished to your desired specification.

Clear/Transparent 3D Print Large Parts

Looking for transparent 3D printing? Did you know you can utilise our SLA 3D printing process, combined with our transparent resin, on one of our SLA 3D printing machines giving you glass-like parts with 99% transparency? And the best part is, you can 3D print large parts with this method too!

3D Printing Large Custom Parts

Our highly skilled model makers go the extra mile to add realism to your 3D printed prototype. We offer a variety of finishes including spray painting, chrome plating, flocking, soft-touch paint, hydro-dipping, sealing of SLS to make it water and airtight, and shrink-wrap coloured graphics. We offer many finishes when 3D printing large custom parts so give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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