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From scale presentation models of complete craft to high-tolerance engineering prototypes parts

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Rapid Prototyping Services For Aerospace

Malcolm Nicholls Ltd (MNL) supports the aerospace industry on all levels from scale presentation models of complete craft to high-tolerance engineering prototypes parts.

Aerospace companies have been quick to embrace the advantages that 3D printing / additive layer manufacturing provides. Whether it be for rapid turnaround prototypes at the development stage of projects, tooling to be used in production line jigs, or parts built in functional materials as end-use components – aerospace clients benefit from MNL’s wide range of materials expertise and understanding of complex engineering challenges.

Early testing and evaluation helps keep projects within time and budgetary constraints. For Aerospace prototypes and models, MNL can implement Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) to produce high strength components, without the need and cost of tooling, directly from your 3D CAD files.

In addition to producing components and assemblies for engineering prototypes, MNL can also match end use plastics and metals through CNC machining, injection moulding and vacuum forming to meet our customers specific requirements.

Fuel delivery systems and hydraulic manifolds, full size seating mock ups to in-flight entertainment systems and galley equipment, avionic mechanical deigned parts, components for structural design and stress analysis, wind tunnel models are among the many services MNL can provide to the aerospace industry.

For any applications or requirements please contact MNL’s Technology Consultants to answer any questions about your specific project requirement.

Aerospace Prototype Success Stories

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3D Printed in Full Colour Commissioned to illustrate the complex mechanical construction of various elements of the fuel delivery system for a specialised aircraft, the following model was produced at twice full size and sectioned to show various internal details.
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3D Printed Using the SLA Process The use of SLA enables the manufacture of high fidelity models which can readily incorporate the instrumentation necessary to assess the design. The image reveal the extensive use of pressure taps to measure the pressure inside the intake, a key measure of performance.
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3D Printed using SLS, Sectioned Model The models were produced via SLS (Selective Laser Sintering). This method of 3D printing was chosen for its combination of durable nylon material and accuracy/surface finish. (MNL use Innov’PA 1550 for even higher levels of surface finish over other more commonly used SLS materials).
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3D Printed SLA Models during Inspection All 3D printed components are measured for overall size as well as critical feature dimensions.
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Gold Effect 3D Printed SLS parts 3D data could not be obtained for this project, however original components could, so MNL used a combination of CAD (SolidWorks) and 3D Scanning to produce the necessary data for the SLS process.
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CAD Rendering showing internal tubing Central to the success engine is the design of the air intake. A number of candidate configurations have been developed by GasDynamics Ltd. and assessed in their hypersonic wind tunnel.
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