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We are the UK’s leading 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping, Low Volume Production experts with over 50 years of experience and an unrivalled reputation for outstanding quality we can provide 3D print prototyping, low volume manufacturing and batch production. 

We are home to two of the largest 3D Printing Machines in the UK as well as a suite of 3D Printing technologies. Malcolm Nicholls Ltd can quickly and efficiently produce premium prototypes / 3D prints from CAD data and turn your great design into successful products. 

Operating across three sites in the Midlands and with 50 Years of experience in rapid prototyping services, our technology experts are on hand to help you.


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3D Printing Service

As a 3D printing and rapid prototyping service we are not restricted by only one technology we can offer our clients large-format stereolithography (SLA 3D Printing). Malcolm Nicholls Ltd has two of the largest 3D Printers in the UK with an impressive build platform of 800 x 800 x 600mm, allowing us to quickly produce first-class large frame parts. In addition, we can produce small intricate SLA, superior finish selective laser sintering, FDM 3D printing, coloured 3D printing and traditional prototyping model making. 

Rapid Prototyping

MNL have always been a pioneer in the rapid prototyping industry. Not only have we been one of the UK’s first providers to offer Stereolithography (SLA) back in 1996 we also became the first in the UK to introduce a new SLS Nylon, which offers a superior surface finish and the look and feel closer to injection mouldings. 

Low Volume Production

We can offer our clients low volume manufacturing and can produce from 1 – 1000’s of parts with no minimum order, with our suite of machines we can bridge the gap between initial prototypes and mass production. For your low volume manufacturing needs via vacuum casting, we have a huge choice of materials meaning we can closely match your production material choice with a suitable resin simulant.

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Bridging The Gap From Initial Prototype To Mass Production

As a 3d printing and rapid prototyping service Malcolm Nicholls can produce 1 – 1000’s of parts. With our suite of machines, we can bridge the gap between initial prototypes and mass production.

Historically, manufacturing components in low quantities has always been a costly exercise. With the advent of the 3D printing service and vacuum casting many constraints previously faced can now be significantly reduced. 

Traditional design constraints, usually associated with injection mould tooling, for example, can now be ignored enabling designers to be more efficient and reduce part count within assemblies.

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