Bespoke Trophies and Awards

Having worked behind the scenes on a wide range of world-class trophies and awards, we have supported many leading trophy and awards companies as well as directly with clients.

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Bespoke Trophies and Awards

Malcolm Nicholls Ltd (MNL) are experts in crafting and manufacturing bespoke trophies and awards and we have worked alongside our clients over the last 50 years producing high end, bespoke and often custom-made trophies and awards for renown sporting events, highly prestigious awards, or highly publicised events. We can produce one to hundreds of trophies or awards.

As a UK based 3D printing company with in-house manufacturing capabilities, we can produce and manufacture one-off customised awards and trophies or produce hundreds of trophies/awards depending on your requirement.

Malcolm Nicholls Ltd is continually investing in new technology and processes to be able to produce highly detailed awards and trophies, with a combination of 3D printing, model making we are on hand to deliver immaculately presented awards and trophies.

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It’s All in The Detail

With our renowned traditional prototype model maker experts on hand to help deliver an incredible award or trophy we can hand finish each award to make sure we don’t miss a single detail; we offer metalising, chrome plating, flocking and much more contact our technology consultants to talk about your project in more detail.

Malcolm Nicholls Ltd can produce anything from one-off bespoke trophies or thousands, using state-of-the-art technology we are on hand to help you deliver the very best award.

We are cost-effective and time-effective with parts usually delivered in days. We can assist you with refining designs of 3D printed components to help improve your final trophy or award.

Our experienced team can evaluate your specific requirements and establish the most appropriate method.

How To Order

We will need your CAD or STL file in order to process a quotation, we will be on hand to help advise the best process for your budget.

If you are looking to produce multiple awards & trophies then Vacuum Casting could be the right production method for you

  • Parts can be produced in a wide array of materials to simulate most engineering plastics

  • Masters from any source or 3D printing technology are used to produce silicon tools from which castings can be produced in a wide array of materials to simulate most engineering plastics.

  • In general MNL’s silicone tools are guaranteed to produce a minimum of 30 castings per cavity
  • Elastomeric resins yield many more components and up to 50 castings per cavity are possible.

  • Tools are available in multi-cavity versions in order to produce larger quantities quicker and more


  • Metal inserts are used to hold tight tolerances in bores and critical areas.

  • Once you have your silicone tool we can produce your trophy quickly as and when you need it

  • Silicone Tools are far cheaper than the metal equivalents

Looking to Produce Multiple Parts?

We can produce anything from one to thousands

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