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Low Volume Injection Moulding – Aluminium & Steel

Malcolm Nicholls your rapid low volume injection moulding partner.

Rapid low volume injection moulding is utilised across on-demand production, bridge tooling, functional prototyping, and pilot runs. With affordable aluminum moulds and quick turnaround, it helps to minimise design risks and overall production costs. Working with MNL we can offer plastic low volume injection moulding, over moulding, insert moulding and rubber moulding.

Aluminium injection tooling is often used as a useful process to establish the initial demand for a component. Aluminium offers a lower cost than a full production tool and allows greater experimentation and adaptation we can help you take a project from concept through design, mould, construction, and prototyping.


What are the advantages of Aluminium Low Volume Injection Moulding?

  • Cost-efficient from prototyping to initial production demands
  • Your part can be polished quickly for a high gloss finish
  • Fast turnaround of parts
  • Lower costs compared to other processes
  • High Mould and part complexity can still be achieved
  • Aluminium moulds cool much faster than their steel counterparts.  For some materials, this may enable faster cycle times, which reduces production cost.

What are the advantages of Steel Low Volume Injection Moulding?

Steel Injection Moulding tools are a great choice when you have a project that has a large quantity of parts / mouldings.

  • Durable tooling and can be cost effective in the long run if you are producing multiple tools
  • Steel moulds are capable of producing millions of high-quality parts. Hardened grades of steel can improve longevity, particularly with abrasive materials.
  • Steel has an excellent balance of machinability, strength, and cost.
  • Complex or delicate features can struggle with the forces involved in moulding however steel withstands this.
  • Steel tools can have lower maintenance costs,
  • More finishing options with some surface finishes can only be produced with steel moulds.

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