Professional Model Production

Malcolm Nicholls Ltd 50 years of experience and unrivalled reputation for quality.

Prototype Model Maker

When Malcolm Nicholls founded MNL back in 1971 he built our reputation on his skill, craftsmanship, and traditional model making. Traditional model making is still at the heart of our business. We utilise multiple skills, techniques and technologies to produce the very best 3D representation of a part, whether that’s for design verification or functional testing.

Model Production

Over the past 50 years of business MNL have worked on a wide variety of projects including;

Scale luxury yachts, military models of tanks, 20ft long door safety systems for the Chinese underground, full size Perkins diesel engine, Mira test models and wind tunnel test models for nuclear storage sites, to name but a few.

Today, with the combination of Model making and Hi-Tech 3D printing machines, Projects that used to take months now only take a matter of days

Scan Data was Manipulated by MNL CAD Department to Incorporate the Sketched Scene

Our Customers

Our customers communicate their part designs to us in every combination of media, from 2D paper sketches, basic surface data in IGES or native-CAD format, to fully detailed solid/surface 3D CAD models.

Whether it is a detailed section of a building elevation or a fully functional engineering model or even an intricate medical component, our team of model makers will have the expertise and skills to advise the client on the appropriate construction method for their project.

Our Expertise

Concept models, block models, architectural models, POS, trophies, scale models, photographic models, exhibition models, models for television, large fabricated models and wind tunnel models etc.

“Can Making Machine” – Exhibition Display Model

MNL were tasked with not only to produce a scale model of a machine but to also make it semi function.

Drayton Manor Hotel Carousel

Looking for a large scale model? Coming full circle in the 40th year for Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL), one of the company’s recent projects was with the same company with which Malcolm Nicholls...

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Type 45 Destroyer – Defence Exhibition Model

Traditional Model Making at it's finest, here we demonstrate a blend of old and new technologies to create this fantastic Defence Exhibition Model  ... The Type 45 model was commissioned as a...

Kenwood Coffee Machine

The beautifully styled filter coffee machine, designed by KDO, required accurate prototypes to ensure that the complex curvature of the mating parts did not cause assembly problems. All the...

Layered Door Concept Mirror Model

When Invention meets Innovation When First Tier Automotive supplier UT Automotive wanted a concept car door to show off their radically different fuel saving wing mirror system, they...

Full Size Engine Mockup

In their 40 plus years Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) has worked closely with the automotive sectors in most departments if not all. MNL were approached by a 1st tier automotive supplier. Their...

Power from Waste

Architectural model for the Environmental Industry…. In brief …. MNL produced a lightweight scale architectural model for the Environmental Industry, utilising 3D printing, predominantly...

Looking to Produce Multiple Parts?

We can produce anything from one to thousands

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      Subscribe me to the mailing list; we won't bombard you with tons of spam, honest. Just the odd news, or general marketing email :-)

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