Aston Martin – One 77 Front Light Lenses

The One-77: Redefining Automotive Elegance with 3D Printed Lights

Aston Martin One77 Front Lenses

The Car: Not just any Aston Martin, the One-77 represents the pinnacle of British automotive design. A million-pound masterpiece boasting a roaring 7.3-litre V12, limited to only 77 unique creations. Unveiled at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, the One-77 redefined luxury and performance.

The Challenge: When an automotive design company sought the perfect headlights for this iconic car, they needed flawless clarity, exquisite finish, and lightning-fast production. Traditional methods wouldn’t do.

3D printed light lenses produced by Vacuum Casting
The Geneva Show Car had Front Light Lenses produced by Vacuum Casting
The Geneva Show Car had Front Light Lenses produced by Vacuum Casting

MNL to the Rescue: Enter Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL), renowned for their expertise in delivering beautifully finished 3D printed parts. Leveraging their in-house SLA 7000 machine, MNL crafted the intricate headlight lenses using 11120 resin – known for its crystal-clear finish after polishing.

Mastery in Every Step: MNL’s skilled model makers, with their proven track record of perfection, meticulously hand-finished the lenses to a gleaming gloss. This master served as the blueprint for the next phase – creating high-precision silicone tooling.

Casting the Vision: Using the tooling, MNL poured optically clear polyurethane casting material, ensuring the lenses retained their brilliance. A final polish brought everything together, resulting in flawless, fully functional headlight lenses.

Speed & Precision: This unique process allowed MNL to deliver production-ready parts in a remarkably short timeframe – a crucial factor for this high-profile project.

Beyond Prototypes: The One-77 case study exemplifies MNL’s capabilities, not just in 3D printed components, but in their entire workflow:

    • Cutting-edge technology: Advanced SLA printing for exceptional detail and accuracy.
    • Expert craftsmanship: Skilled model makers ensuring flawless finishes.
    • Rapid prototyping: Delivering high-quality parts quickly and efficiently.
    • Complete service: From printing to finishing, MNL manages the entire process.

Own Your Automotive Vision: Partner with MNL and see your innovative automotive designs come to life with the precision and speed of 3D printing.

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