The Best Nylon SLS Powder Gets Even Better

The Best Nylon SLS Powder Gets Even Better… New SLS Powder: This extreme close up shows the superior surface finish the uprated Innov’PA 1550 XS gives. The pen knib is from a standard BIC pen! Innov’PA 1550 XS MNL have recently upgraded their already superior SLS powder to the NEW Innov’PA 1550 XS The new SLS nylon powder gives several enhancements. The new formulation is based around an even smaller particle structure, giving even better results against its predecessor and puts it streets ahead of its rivals. The average particle size is now only 37 microns (compared to 58 microns with Duraform PA) The particles, at 36% smaller than those in Duraform, can bond together tighter. This greatly improves surface finish, feature resolution and sinter density. What does this mean for you the user? The resulting components are:
  • Smoother – fantastic surface finish and excellent feature resolution.
  • Airtight and Watertight for wall thicknesses above 1.6mm thick.
  • This powder produces parts with an appearance close to that of a moulded nylon part rather a sintered one.
  • Reduced finishing times due to the improved surface finish reduce finishing costs and leadtimes
  • The new powder is also whiter than its cream predecessor.
  • No more “furry” parts, nor loose powder all over your desk.
ALL-in-ALL the SMOOTHEST plastic SLS material on the RP market.