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Our Custom 3D Printing Services

In the world of manufacturing, the demand for a custom 3d printing service that are both intricate and complex is on the rise. Traditional manufacturing methods often struggle to meet the challenges posed by such designs. With our custom 3D printing services and cutting-edge Neo 800 printers, businesses can harness the full potential of additive manufacturing. 

Our 3D printing capabilities can deliver low-volume production runs, and provide professional finishing to transform 3D prints into exceptional end products.

Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) expertise was to be called upon to produce a full set of automotive rear light len’s and reflectors. MNL 3D printed the full range of lens’ and reflectors using Stereolithography

Introducing the Neo 800: The Industry Leading Large 3D Printing Platform

The Neo 800 3D printers are among the largest in the industry, featuring expansive build platforms. This offers flexibility for creating large-scale parts without compromising on size and complexity. 

Despite the large build envelope, the high precision and fine resolution of the Neo 800 printers ensure that minor details are accurately replicated. As a result, parts can meet the most demanding design requirements.

Low-Volume Production Runs

We excel at facilitating low-volume production runs. Traditional manufacturing methods often require expensive tooling and moulds, making small-scale production economically unviable. With 3D printing on the Neo 800, businesses can produce multiple parts without the need for costly tooling, significantly reducing upfront expenses and lead times.


Professional Finishing End Products

While 3D printing has great capabilities, some applications may require additional post-processing to achieve a polished, professional finish. We offer a range of finishing services, including sanding, painting, and assembly, to transform 3D-printed parts into refined end products.

Our team of traditional model maker’s craftsmanship provides the desired level of finishing, ensuring that the final product meets the highest quality standards.

Malcolm Nicholls Ltd 3D printed Ardbeg Trophy
Malcolm Nicholls Ltd Utilising Low Volume Production methods for Trophies

Diverse Range of Applications

Our custom 3D printing service are popular in many industries, from automotive and aerospace to consumer goods and architecture. We can create parts with intricate geometries, functional prototypes, architectural models, and more. Our versatile applications make us an ideal partner for businesses seeking innovative solutions to meet their unique manufacturing requirements.


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We are at the forefront of the additive manufacturing revolution, providing businesses with the tools they need to bring their visions to life. Get an instant quote for 3D printed parts or get a bespoke quote for a larger, complex project.

Low Volume Production or The 3D Printed Falcon Trophy