Copaxone Advert

Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) were approached by a London Model Making company on behalf of a creative advertising agency to produce models for a forthcoming campaign.

The agency wanted to produce five different scenes depicting an active lifestyle. (Copaxone, a drug to help Multiple Sclerosis sufferers, helps with the symptoms of the debilitating disease).

The imagery in the ads is a combination of photographs of actual footwear and photographs of a model of the sole depicting the various scenes.

The cartoon/animation style image had been generated within illustrator; MNL’s job was to transpose this artwork into a 3d format from which they could then 3D print a representation of the underneath of the soles. So how did MNL create the data and the subsequent models of the soles?

The left shoe/boot/piece of footwear had the base of the sole filled and smoothed so as to make the underside completely even, producing a blank canvas. This “blank canvas” was subsequently laser scanned. This data was then “digitally carved” using the 2D illustrator forms to produce the required 3D format. These were 3D printed using a Hi res SLA to preserve as much detail as possible.

These models were then returned to the London model making company who finished the models in colours to match the opposing piece of footwear.

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