Dyson Washing Machine

Certain projects have been selected from MNL’s Rich History, this one comes from 2004:

The Dyson washing machine, fronted by a colourful array of plastic mouldings,was developed under extremely tight confidentiality arrangements. Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) prototyped many of these mouldings, the outer door being one.

The door is a water-clear component. In order to achieve the necessary clarity the stereolithography (SLA) model had to be sprayed to a high gloss finish prior to producing the silicon tooling from it. MNL’s highly skilled craftsmen accomplished this high standard of finish in only a few days.

The subsequent polyurethane mouldings produced from the silicon tools were crystal clear, bubble and flow-mark free mouldings.

MNL’s constant strive for consistent quality, ensured that our client was always ableto rely on MNL.

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