Evoque Colour Swatches

Range Rover Evoque – Colour swatches

Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) were approached by a 1st tier automotive customer, to produce flawless finished colour swatches for a new range of cars.

MNL produced the project utilising the following processes.

3D printing using Stereolithography (SLA) as master patterns, this was hand finished by one of MNL’s highly skilled model makers. The master pattern had to have a perfect high gloss finish so that this would be emulated on further castings. Once the model was finally finished a silicone tool was produced and subsequent castings followed. The casting then went to MNL’s final finishing department to have its top coat of water based paint applied in the correct pantone colour, matching the final production car. The casting then had their final coat of durable lacquer applied. From data to desk in a matter of days.

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