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Kenwood Coffee Machine

The beautifully styled filter coffee machine, designed by KDO, required accurate prototypes to ensure that the complex curvature of the mating parts did not cause assembly problems.

All the plastic components within the assembly were built on our SLA 500/40 stereolithography machine. Only days after supplying electronic design data, KDO visited MNL to approve the SL masters. Some small design modifications were implemented and these were carried out by our skilled modelmaking team, who subsequently applied a high gloss finish to all exterior surfaces.

Silicon tools were produced from the masters and PU mouldings were then cast.

10 sets of components were produced, enabling KDO to carry out a multitude of  tests, including design evaluation, market research and operating function.

The quality and speed of our service meant that the prototypes were suitable for photographic studio work for the product literature, months before production parts were available.

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