Kenwood Coffee Machine

Bringing the Kenwood Coffee Dream to Life: Flawless Prototyping with Malcolm Nicholls Ltd SLA Expertise

Kenwood Coffee Machine

Kenwood Coffee Machine Prototype Success: How MNL’s SLA Expertise Brewed Perfection

Challenge: KDO, the design brains behind the beautifully curved Kenwood filter coffee machine, needed accurate prototypes to ensure smooth assembly of its intricate parts. Time was of the essence, and the prototypes also needed to be visually stunning for marketing materials.

Solution: MNL stepped in, leveraging its top-of-the-line SLA 500/40 stereolithography machine. Within days of receiving the electronic design data, KDO was onsite to approve the high-fidelity SLA masters.

Translucent Tinted Vacuum Cast Components
Waterclear Castings to Imitate Glass
Fully Functional Kenwood Coffee Machine Prototype

Our Craftsmanship Shines:

    • Expert modifications: Our skilled model-making team identified and implemented minor design tweaks suggested by KDO, ensuring perfect functionality.
    • High-gloss perfection: Every exterior surface received a meticulous high-gloss finish, showcasing the design’s elegance.
    • From prototype to mould: Precision silicone tools were crafted from the masters, enabling the creation of high-quality PU mouldings.

Delivering Value, Quickly:

    • 10 component sets: We produced 10 sets of components, empowering KDO to conduct in-depth design evaluation, market research, and functional testing.
    • Studio-ready prototypes: The exceptional quality and rapid turnaround meant these prototypes were photoshoot-ready for marketing materials, months ahead of production.

Why Choose MNL for Your SLA Prototyping Needs?

This case study demonstrates our commitment to:

    • Exceptional Accuracy: SLA printing delivers intricate details and tight tolerances, ensuring perfect part replication.
    • Unmatched Speed: Get prototypes in your hands quickly, keeping your development cycle on track.
    • Expert Finishing: Our skilled team elevates the look and feel of your prototypes, making them ideal for diverse applications.
    • Seamless Workflow: We handle the entire process, from design consultation to mould creation, saving you time and effort.

Contact MNL today and let us turn your prototype dreams into reality!

Fully Working Kenwood Coffee Machine

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