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MNL Invest almost £300k in NEO800 Large Format SLA Machine.

MNL are proud to announce our latest investment NEO800 large frame SLA machine. NEO800 can produce parts up to 800 x 800 x 600mm.

Due to high volumes of work during peak periods, MNL’s existing fleet of machines was not quite enough to meet demand. A welcome addition to the family, the NEO800 more than doubles our capacity. The increased capacity is compounded by the NEO800’s dramatic production speed, the dynamic focusing laser system is excellent for fine detail as well as fast build speeds.

The new machine brings MNL’s SLA machine total to six, the others being capacities of, 2 off 500x500x580, 2 off 265x265x260 and a little-ol Form 2!

With the increased build envelope MNL will attract new business in their current market sectors, offering to produce larger parts in one piece in quicker time-frames.

More than double our SLA capacity.

MNL’s previous capacity with 5 machines was; 2 machines at 500 x 500 x 580mm and 2 machines at 250 x 250 x 260mm and the small Form 2 at 145 x 145 x 175mm; provided an SLA capacity of 326,180cc. NEO800, with 800 x 800 x 600mm has 384,000cc by itself. This significant volume will further enhance MNL’s 3-Tier costing approach. The NEO800 increases our total capacity to 710,180cc.

Building larger parts.

NEO800, with 800 x 800 x 600mm of build envelope is a huge increase in size from the 500 x 500 x 580mm envelope previously on offer. Many projects for large components that previously would have required cutting up will now be able to be produced in one piece. The ability to produce larger parts without cutting up pieces means further turnaround improvements due to the lack of gluing required post-production.
Ross Nicholls, Technical Director, sat inside the machine on the build platform. The Form 2 desktop SLA machine is sat on his lap for size comparison.

Continue our commitment to speed of turnaround.

The additional capacity and build envelope also rubber stamps our commitment to speed of turnaround. Even on the largest of projects MNL can continue to offer parts in rapid time-frames. Our premium turnaround service of 2 days can now be honoured on some of the most challenging components.

Building better quality parts.

Produced by RP Support, the NEO800 was designed from the ground up to produce first class quality parts. Offering best in class; exceptional part sidewall quality, with a scanning resolution to within 1 micron, the NEO800 significantly reduces finishing time by up to 50%. NEO800 has a variable spot size laser. It goes small for intricate detail on the boundaries of parts and then it goes larger for filling in the rest of the section. As a result this combination of intricacy and super fast build speeds, produces excellent quality components in super quick time frames.
“A comparison of side wall quality; left other SLA machines, right our new NEO800”

What this means to you, our customer.

  Our new machine brings the following to you our customer:  
  1. Improved quality of parts with smoother sides, leading to significantly less finishing.
  2. The capability to produce much larger parts without cutting them up, now possible to build parts up to 800 x 800 x 600mm.
  3. Utilising all our machines, very large projects can be produced within days.
Look out for introductory offers on pricing.

One of the largest SLA capacities in the UK

From small and intricate clear 3D printed parts (tiny detail achievable on thimble sized components) to large sanded and painted (Largest part made to date was 950mm x 750mm and over 2m high)