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Pimms Drink Dispenser

This project followed the usual process route in product development; 3D CAD files (STL ) were emailed by the customer, from which Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) produced 3D printed masters via Stereolithography (SLA) of each of the components. MNL has the added extra finishing touch using their highly skilled finishing department. Utilising the talents of MNL’s finishing department, High quality surface finishing combined with high gloss paint spraying were applied to all necessary surfaces to give the  desired lustrous final finish. Silicon tooling produced the vehicle to enable subsequent Polyurethane (PU) castings to be produced. Castings were made from a variety of chosen materials to emulate production intent parts. To complete the look for this bar font for Pimms’ re-branded dispenser, finally to give finishing touch of realism, graphics can be applied or imbedded to the castings. The overall project produced 6 sets of bar top dispensers. Several perfect sets of castings were produced for this project.

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