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Polar Watches Display Units

Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) produced an extensive array of point of sale display units, utilising a wide variety of process that MNL has to offer.

For most of the clear components, these were 3D printed using MNL’s Stereography (SLA) 3D print large frame machines. Once built each clear component was hand finished by MNL’s highly skilled models makers to a perfect high gloss. These were then used as patterns for MNL’s soft tooling to yield water clear castings.

Other processes used were Selective laser Sintered (SLS) masters in a PA Nylon, again hand finished to that perfect gloss.

It has been said that MNL prototypes look better than production parts as the component will have no evidence of mass manufacture. All of the processes used were durable so that they could be used in there correct environment, also letting the end customer see their vision come to life in a very short timeframe.

Graphics were applied to the finished prototypes to give it a more realistic look.

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