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PUR Water Filter Jug

Malcolm Nicholls Limited’s exceptional background in traditional modelmaking and surface finishing, gave them the edge that was needed to win this project.

London’s award-winning product designers, Hothouse, put Malcolm Nicholls Limited’s services into practise during several design iterations of this project to produce a domestic water filter for the USA marketplace under the brand name PUR.

The prototypes required had to represent the production components perfectly; with this in mind Malcolm Nicholls Limited knew that the SL masters would have to be finished to a very high gloss finish. The body and base had to be water clear, but not only that, they had to be glued together to perform a water tight test, filtered water was served from the model at the customer’s board meeting. The filter housings had to be custom tinted to match PUR’s corporate colour, and the spout and cover, had to be metallic grey.

To put the icing on the cake the PUR logo was engraved on the outside of the jug.

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