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Range Rover Sport Light Cluster

Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) has been manufacturing clear 3d printing parts including Light Lenses, headlights and reflectors for many years we have a well-established history within the automotive sector and in particular, 3D printed car headlights and reflectors using transparent 3D Printing technologies.

Malcolm Nicholls were asked to supply a full set of 3D-printed car headlights and reflectors. MNL were supplied with finalized 3D CAD data, and using this data MNL was able to produce 3D printed masters. In this instance, the Lenโ€™s were produced using MNLโ€™s Stereolithography (SLA) process and the reflectors were produced via their 3D print machine Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). The lenses were hand finished to a perfect gloss then used as a pattern for silicone tools then using a water-clear UV stable polyurethane material to give perfect optically clear castings. Once the reflectors had been built via SLS they too were hand finished to an ideal gloss then a subsequent process of vacuum metalizing was applied.

There are differences in textures on the reflectors these were produced as separate components and then hand fabricated together. If you have a Light Lense 3D Printing need then get in touch with us.

Range Rover light cluster. A combination of polished Clear SLAs and chrome metalised SLS

Clear 3D Printing / 3D-printed Car Headlights

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