1,8Metre Model of type 45 Destroyer Traditional Model Making and 3D Printing in Harmony 3D Printed Helicopter and Hull Mid-Ship with plenty of Hand-Made Detail 3D Printed Hull Curvature alongside Hand-Made detail Hand-Made Detail Contra-Rotating Metal Encapsulated Propellors 3D Printed Helicopter Finished in a Satin Texture The Hull was 3D Printed in 4 Sections and Bonded Back Together with Pins Cradles for the Hull were also 3D Printed Gun Barrels Turned in Brass Paint Spraying in our In-House Spray Shop In-Situ at DSEI 2015 Get a Quote Now
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Type 45 Destroyer – Defence Exhibition Model

Traditional Model Making at it’s finest, here we demonstrate a blend of old and new technologies to create this fantastic Defence Exhibition Modelย  …

The Type 45 model was commissioned as a centrepiece for the DSEI 2015 show to illustrate our in-house manufacturing and traditional model making capabilities.

To gather the data for the Type 45 model we were able to capture it from a 1:350 scale model. Using reversed engineering (Laser Scanning) we were then able to capture the hull and helicopter and the subsequent data we collected we were able to scale it up and 3D-printed it via our Stereolithography SLA 3D printing processes.ย  What was remarkable was through using the reverse engineering methods we were able to manufacture the rest of the model via traditional model-making methods.

Gathering the Data

To get the data we needed for the Type 45 Destroyer (our defence exhibition model), we were able to capture the images we needed from various types of media such as 2D drawings and photographs. Producing a model to this level of detail without 3D data can be very time consuming and ideally 3D files would have aided the turnaround on this particular project however, once the model was completed and assembled it certainly had the WOW factor. Even after the trade show had finished MNL were invited to bring the model to the engineers who originally built the full size ship. They were blown away by what had been achieved without 3D intervention.

  • 1750mm long 1:87.5 scale model.
  • Faithful reproduction.
  • Intricate detail maintaining accuracy.

This magnificent model is a true testament to the capabilities of Malcolm Nicholls Limited.

1,8 Metre Model of our traditionally made type 45 Destroyer exhibition model

Impressed by our Defence Exhibition Model Making capabilities?

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