World Ardbeg Day Gold Trophies

Ardbeg is premium brand single malt Scottish Whisky.  The Ardbeg Day marketing exercise was created to coincide with the start of the Football World Cup in Brazil.

The Ardbeggian take on the football world cup consisted of many national competitions of “Peat Football” across the globe. Peat football is essentially normal football played in a peat bog not on a standard grass pitch – very muddy but great fun. The winning team in each country raised the Ardbeg Trophy aloft in celebration.

The trophy itself was loosely themed around the famous gold statue being played for in Brazil this summer. The Ardbeg Trophy stands 300mm tall and weighs in at approx. 1.5Kg.

The trophies themselves were 3D printed using Hi Resolution Stereolithography (SLA), hand finished by MNL’s high skilled model makers to a perfect gloss. These models were then used as a pattern for Silicone tooling, then vacuum cast in polyurethane resin, subsequently metalized chrome and then dipped in gold tinted lacquer. The lustrous finish, a trademark of MNL’s quality, was essential to getting the best out of the metalizing process. In all, 40 such trophies were produced for Ardbeg competitions worldwide.

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