The MNL Difference

MNL is a family run business spanning two generations taking a real pride in how it operates. Since 1971 MNL has been producing quality prototypes second to none. Excellence doesn’t always come at a price though; MNL will combine the best/most appropriate technology to give you the best combination of price and quality. MNL’s reputation for quality of product and service is extremely enviable throughout the prototyping industry. MNL has grown to the company it is today without changing its philosophy on quality.

However, no matter how many 3D printing machines you have, you still need to add the professional touch to your finished product. MNL’s reputation for excellence is based upon a superb blend of high-tech 3D printing machines and materials and high quality traditional craftsmanship.

  • MNL is a family business spanning two generations
  • Quality prototypes second to none – a quality finished model can make the difference from success or failure
  • Best combination of price and quality
  • MNL offer three tier costing –premium – standard- budget
  • Enviable reputation throughout the prototyping industry
  • Models available from concept through to production
  • Not restricted by only one technology
  • One of the oldest prototyping suppliers in the UK
  • Vacuum casting since the 1970’s
  • Take on complex projects many of their competitors have declined
  • In house technology consultants

MNL are not restricted by only one technology, on offer are large format SLA, small intricate SLA, Superior finish SLS, FDM 3D colour printing and traditional model making.

Their huge choice of vacuum casting materials means MNL can closely match your production material choice with a suitable resin simulant.

MNL are large enough to tackle most projects yet small enough to remain friendly and flexible. MNL strive to create long term relationships with their customers, knowing that they will be back time and time again.

MNL was one of the first service providers to offer Stereolithography (SLA), in fact this was 1999. MNL still continue to offer SLA on the same build platforms they had then (500x500mm) with the addition of the extremely intricate viper SLA-Hi resolution parts. Between the two types of process, most geometries are catered for.

MNL have always looked to pioneering materials to offer the closest representation of production materials. At the beginning of 2005 they continued their interest in new materials with the introduction of a new SLS Nylon, with a superior surface finish and the look and feel closer to injection mouldings, becoming 1st in the UK.

Their wealth of experience in vacuum casting started many years before they invested in the first MCP machine to be sold in the UK. They have been vacuum casting since the 1970’s. MNL’s experience has lead them to take on complex projects many of their competitors have declined. Let MNL be your single source solution.

MNL – “a passion for prototypes”