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Specialising in big 3D prints across industries. We offer large-format printing, transparent materials & design services

four employees at Malcolm Nicholls demonstrating how large we can print SLAs having two of the biggest 3D printers in the UK
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Malcolm Nicholls Ltd is your one-stop shop for big 3D prints across a wide range of industries. We push the boundaries of what’s possible, transforming your vision into reality with our industry-leading large-format 3D printing capabilities.

Big 3D Prints At Your Finger Tips

Unleash the Potential of Big 3D Printing

Our cutting-edge technology allows us to create large, complex objects with exceptional precision. We specialise in big 3D prints for:

  • Prototyping: Build large-scale prototypes for functional testing and design validation.
  • Architecture & Design: Create architectural models, building components, and large-scale design features.
  • Manufacturing & Engineering: Produce big jigs, fixtures, and custom parts for industrial applications.
  • Art & Design: Bring big sculptures and artistic creations to life.

Can You Print Big 3D Parts In Clear?

Transparency Made Possible

Not only can we produce big 3D prints, but we can also create them in a transparent material. This opens doors for unique applications such as:

  • Medical models: Visualise complex anatomical structures for enhanced surgical planning.
  • Fluid flow analysis: Observe fluid movement within large-scale prototypes.
  • Light fixtures and displays: Design light features with unique visual properties.

As a 3d printing service and prototyping experts, we can 3D print large parts, or a large volume of SLA parts, in a matter of hours or days. Renowned for our delivery times and prototype finishing, Malcolm Nicholls are the perfect 3D printing service partner for your large-volume 3D printing better still we don’t have a minimum order quantity so you can order a one off or thousands of parts and have them finished to your desired specification.

Clear 3D printed housing

What’s the largest size you can print in 3D?

Our printers have large build platforms of 800 x 800 x 600 mm. However, we can also create even larger pieces through segmentation and assembly.

What Materials Do You Offer for Big 3D Prints?

We offer a wide range of materials for big 3D prints, including various strength and finish options. Notably, we can also print in transparent materials.

Can Big 3D Printing be used for functional objects, or is it just for prototypes?

Big 3D Printing is increasingly used for functional objects. The choice of material determines its functionality. 

What are the advantages of Big SLA 3D Printing compared to other large-scale methods?

Big SLA offers high accuracy and exceptional surface finish, perfect for creating detailed prototypes, molds, and functional parts. Additionally, SLA resins can offer a wider range of properties compared to materials used in other large-scale methods like FDM.

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