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Prototype models for a range of applications.

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Vacuum Cast, Gold Metalised, Trophies

Bespoke Trophies & Awards

High-end, bespoke trophies and awards for renowned sporting events, highly prestigious awards, or publicised events. We can produce one to hundreds of trophies or awards.
The Wheel Rims were 3D Printed via SLS

Concept Models

Proof of concept models for use in product development to assess the ergonomics and suitability of designs. Various materials and technologies are used for realistic finishes.
Functioning Demonstration Models by MNL

Exhibition Models

Exhibition models can be made to be semi or fully functional for demonstration purposes. We can create full scale exhibition models, or specific parts.
Working Prototypes for Market Research

Functional & Working Prototypes

Integral to the process of testing, trials, pitching, and market research of product development. Accurate, detailed, and true-to-life functional and working prototypes.
Scale Models for Design Review

Scale Models

Accurate and realistic scale models allow designers and engineers to present their ideas for external assessment from boardrooms to potential investors.
Wind Tunnel Model for High Speed Aerodynamic Testing

Wind Tunnel Models

Low-speed wind tunnel models for architecture purposes and high-speed wind-tunnel models made for minimising distortion and perfectly mimicking carbon fibre components.
Model Built to Look Like Stainless Steel

Design Verification Models

Design verification is an essential step in product development ensuring that the product designed is the same as the product that goes into full production.
3D Printed "Waxes" for Investment Casting

Foundry Patterns & Waxes

From simple sand casting patterns to large intricate investment ‘wax’ of complex pieces of jewellerys. Wax patterns available in a matter of hours.
Sports and Leisure related 3D Printing and Prototyping Case Studies

Jigs & Fixtures

Built in highly durable materials that can withstand the rigours of a manufacturing environment. Produced using FDM for a cost-effective, fast solution.

Rear Light Cluster for Concept Sportscar Our technology consultants and technicians recognise and understand the importance of capturing and realising the design intent of a product for the concept stage. We are second to none when it comes to paying attention to the details, and understanding the different processes for producing quality prototypes and proof-of-concept models.
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Snowboard Helmet Concept Our finished concept models are suitable for assessing ergonomics and design options – communicating designs more effectively and making it possible to test whether ideas are viable or fit for purpose.
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Concept Artistic Kitchen Taps Our team of expert technical consultants at MNL will always advise on the best processes and materials available for a concept model in order to meet design intent and achieve build quality at a the most cost effective price..
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3D Printed (SLS) Concept Scale Wheels MNL has worked with a wide range of clients on a diverse spectrum of consumer and OEM products to produce superior models and prototypes that meet a myriad of budgetary and lead-time constraints.
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Hand Fabricated Scale Door Concept Producing quality product design models and prototypes is a discipline that requires highly skilled professionals.
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