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Rapid Prototyping Services For Art, Fashion, TV & Film Sectors

Malcolm Nicholls limited (MNL’s) unique approach to additive manufacturing has produced some supreme examples of work that have supported the Art, Fashion, TV and Film sectors for over 40-plus years. Whether you’re creating a bespoke objet d’art, film prop, or individual fashion accessories, the model-makers and digital technologies at MNL have a complete toolset of experience, skills, materials, and techniques to achieve a diverse range of objectives – which can be an initial step in translating the creative artist’s concept into reality.

Additive manufacturing is an ideal go-to technology for artists, model makers of all types and ambition. Digital manufacturing technologies are being embraced around the world by dress designers of all stripes. From dresses, shoes, hats and jewellery, designers are exploiting this burgeoning industry for designing and making wearable art and accessories to footwear and haute couture clothing. This approach has also been put to good use within film and T.V prop manufacture where MNL has been involved with many projects including many well-known “British spy film”.

Beautifully crafted photographic models with exemplary attention to detail for bill board advertising and alike are another forte for the MNL team. For larger public space projects models can support the development of ideas and test the viability of materials and structures. Likewise models can be presented as part of a response to a commissioning brief giving the best representation to judgement panels for a winning concept and design.

Art, Fashion, TV & Film Prototype Successes

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