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Aerospace Booster Pump Prototype

Commissioned to illustrate the complex mechanical construction of various elements of the fuel delivery system for a specialised aircraft, the Booster Pump Prototype was produced at twice full size and sectioned to show various internal details.

The client was an aircraft manufacturer whose small planes are known for their agile handling and modern cockpits, make perfect trainer craft for wannabe jet pilots.

Such aerobatic craft rely heavily on the fuel delivery system to provide fuel to the engine under the most demanding high “G” situations. Starving an aircraft of fuel whilst airborne is simply not an option, especially whilst flying upside-down!

As such the models of the key elements of the fuel delivery system will be used to train the maintenance staff whose job it will be to maintain a newly commissioned fleet of trainers for a large air force.

The models were produced via SLS (Selective Laser Sintering). This method of 3D printing was chosen for its combination of durable nylon material and accuracy/surface finish. (MNL use Innov’PA 1550 for even higher levels of surface finish over other more commonly used SLS materials).

3D data could not be obtained for this project; however original components could, so MNL used a combination of CAD (SolidWorks) and 3D Scanning to produce the necessary data for the SLS process.

MNL’s team of skilled model makers then put their finishing skills into practise to transform the white nylon pieces into the models you see before you.

A neat addition to this model was the 3D colour printed electric motor which saved lots of time producing all those windings!

To protect the models from the rigours of international transportation, purpose built flight cases were produced.

3D Printed Prototype Of A Delivery Jet Pump Cut Away

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