3D Printed Alexander McQueen Perfume Bottle 

Crafted for a Harrods shop window display

Alexander McQueen Oversized Perfume Bottle


Create a 3D printed perfume bottle replicating the iconic Alexander McQueen design for a prominent POS (point-of-sale) prototype in Harrods’ window display. The display piece needed to capture the intricate details and luxurious feel of the original perfume bottle, while remaining durable and lightweight.

The Gold Areas Produced Separately to ease Colouring
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Malcolm Nicholls Ltd (MNL) were approached by a creative design consultancy to deliver this project. Utilising the provided STL file, MNL employed stereolithography – a 3D printing method known for its exceptional resolution – to produce the bottle and the intricate, antique gold feathers adorning the neck. This technology ensured the delicate details of the feathers were preserved with stunning accuracy.

Every element of the retail display Alexander McQueen bottle is hand-crafted and meticulous – as demonstrated by the beauty of the beguiling fragrance flacon. Being an object d’art the intricate antique gold feathers couple with the signature of the house, envelop the crown of the bottle this being topped with an exquisite facetted cap which was then based with gold. A stunning dress-table jewel for all fans of the House of McQueen.


The Process:

  • 3D Printing: Both the bottle and feathers were 3D printed using stereolithography.
  • Assembly: Three of each component were printed, strategically positioned to maximize the build platform and expedite the process. This efficient approach allowed MNL to complete the project in just two days.
  • Finishing: As per the client’s request, the 3D printed pieces were supplied unfinished, allowing for further customization and embellishment.


The final oversized perfume bottle, meticulously crafted through 3D printing, served as a captivating centerpiece for Harrods’ window display. The project showcased MNL’s expertise in:

  • High-resolution 3D printing: Utilising stereolithography to capture intricate details and achieve a luxurious finish.
  • Rapid prototyping: Delivering the POS prototype within a tight timeframe of two days.
  • Meeting client requirements: Providing unfinished components for further customisation as per the client’s vision.


This project demonstrates the power of 3D printing in creating visually stunning and functional POS displays for the luxury retail sector. MNL’s expertise in 3D printing technology and rapid prototyping capabilities proved instrumental in delivering a successful solution for this prestigious client.


3D printed Alexander McQueen over sized perfume bottle

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