BA Cuppa Advert

Creating a Teacup Illusion with 3D Printing for a BA Advert

BA 3D Printed Cup Advert

Creating a Teacup Illusion with 3D Printing for a BA Advert

This project showcases the unique capabilities of 3D printed models in advertising. MNL collaborated with Mimesis Models, a London-based specialist in commercial and advertising models, to create a deceptive illusion for a BA advert.

The Challenge: Mimicking Fine Bone China with 3D Printing

The goal was to produce a model teacup that, when photographed, would appear to be real fine bone china. Traditional methods wouldn’t achieve the desired effect.

CAD Model produced by MNL to represent the Swimming Pool Tiles on the Inside of the Cup.
The Data Ready to 3D Print using SLA
From Data to Chrome print in only a Few Days

The Solution: A 3D Printed Cup with Hand-Painted Details

3D Printed Cup Creation: MNL used stereolithography (SLA), a high-resolution 3D printing process ideal for intricate details, to create the cup. Their CAD department explored various internal “tile” sizes before finalising the design.

Finishing Touches: MNL’s finishing team meticulously removed any visible printing lines from the 3D printed cup. The interior was then spray-painted white to provide a clean base.

Hand-Painted Pool Tiles: Mimesis Models took over, meticulously hand-painting the cup’s interior with three shades of blue, creating a miniature swimming pool effect – the key element for the BA advert’s theme.

The Final Act: Photography and Illusion

During the photoshoot, real fine bone china was photographed alongside the 3D printed cup filled with tea. The final image cleverly superimposed these shots, creating the illusion of a high-end teacup holding a refreshing beverage.

This project demonstrates how 3D printed models, with their versatility and ability to be customized, can be powerful tools in creating impactful advertising visuals. It also highlights the effectiveness of combining 3D printing with traditional techniques like hand-painting to achieve a desired aesthetic.

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