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Beer Dispensing Font Prototypes

The prototypes produced had to be as close to the production samples as possible. These prototypes were to be used in correct environment over many parts of the country.

The lower half of the body had to be metal to allow the cooling to take place and produce the condensing effect (water droplets). Not only did it have to be made from metal but it also had to be polished and have a high chrome plated finish. Just out of shot is the engraving which was achieved using a specialist rub-down.

The top half of the body was to house some lighting which was going to illuminate the “strongbow” logo and text. The black part of the body had to act as a mask to prevent unrequired light escaping.

Once again customer’s designs were turned into master models using two different 3D printing techniques Stereolithography (SLA) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process. All masters were finished by MNL’s highly skilled model makers. Silicon tools were produced from the completed masters and in the case of the metal parts investment casting waxes were produced from the rubber tools. The waxes were used in a foundry to produce metal castings in brass.

The Finishing Touches team transformed the bare metal castings and the plain white Polyurethane (PU) castings into the perfect representation of the customer’s desired intent. Many sets of working prototypes were produced in only a few weeks.

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