A One-Off Model of a Toy Slime Container Supplied CAD Data and Renderings of the Desired End Product Expert Finishing of 3D Printed SLA Produced the Desired Product 3D Printed SLS was used for the Durable Areas Get a Quote Now
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Childrens’ Toy Slime Sprayer

The toys industry is forever changing, with new trends leading the way. Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) were approached by a leading product design company to produce a high quality prototype, that was to be used at a trade fair to gain more business. From supplied 3D data files (STL), MNL produced all of the components that made up the sprayer using their Stereolithography (SLA) technology. SLA was the chosen process due to its surface finish, definition of detail and its clear resin 11120. Once all components had been built they were given to MNL creative finishing department. The main bottle needed to have a flawless finish to give that glasslike appearance. A tint was applied to the top of the bottle to give it that slime effect. The nozzles and handles were finished in a bright green, to look like production moulded parts. From data to desk in a matter of days.

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