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Childs Plate

This model was produced for a university student’s final degree show for Product Design.

Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) gave the student 20% off, further helping them to produce their new plate concept to promote children to eat fruit and vegetables.

This unique plate would work as a reward system, the more fruit and veg that the child ate they would be rewarded with an illuminated star.

The student supplied MNL with 3D CAD, from which a 3D printed prototype was produced in this instance a Stereolithography (SLA). Each component was built separately as they were going to be different textures and colours.

Each component was hand finished to the required level, in this case the majority was going to be a light spark, colours were matched to supplied pantone references. The stars were polished SLA’s then coated with a tinted lacquer. The On and off button was matched to specified colour then a coating of soft touch paint was applied.

Finally the main area of the paint had graphics applied to give it a more realistic production look.

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