3D Printed Investment Casting "Wax" and Subsequent Aluminium Casting 3D Printed Waxes Eliminate Design Constraints of Conventional Waxes 3D Printed Polystyrene Waxes Straight from the Machine De-caking a Castform-PS part ready for wax infiltration 3D Printed in Polystyrene Ready to be Infiltrated with Wax After 3D Printing comes Wax Infiltration Evidence of the 3D Printed layers Get a Quote Now
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Complex Investment Cast “Ball”

Like most MOD contracts, confidentiality is a must.

Finding examples of work that we are allowed to show is therefore very difficult.

What we are showing here is our own version of a series of designs that one such MOD customer commissioned us to do.

The design of this component meant that producing investment waxes via conventional techniques was almost impossible. Utilising the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process and Castform PolyStyrene powder was the ideal candidate to produce 75 waxes for investment casting.

In the following sequence of photos you can see de-caking of the parts immediately after the SLS process, followed by the wax infiltration stage.

This de-caking and infiltration process is a very delicate procedure. The material prior to infiltration is extremely weak. Skilled technicians handle the components with extreme caution.

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