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Crown – Vinnie Biscuits

Market Sector: Packaging

Processes Used: SLA - 3D Printing

Model Type: Design Verification Models

The word biscuit comes from the French for twice cooked.

When approached by a leading creative packaging manufacturer Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) were tasked to produce a series of Vinnie biscuit containers. From supplied 3D CAD (STL File), 3D printed models were produced. Using MNL’s Stereolithography (SLA 5000) models were produced in a matter of hours. Once models were produce they were given to MNL’s final finishing department to work their magic and give the models that perfect surface finish with both matt and satin. Once surface finishing was completed these models were to be used as patterns for MNL’s soft tooling – (Silicone tooling), a series of casting were produced in a durable polyurethane material that emulates ABS. These prototypes were to be used to trial packaging runs prior to hard tooling being available.

MNL’s customer produced a novelty shaped tin for the Fox’s biscuit brand Vinnie’s Biscwits Selection range. The new container’s shape follows the contours of the Vinnie character’s head and is designed to capture consumer attention in the retail aisles.

The brand’s iconic mascot Vinnie, also known as the Chief Biscwit Officer, is featured prominently so that the container will instantly register with prospective customers. The matte varnished design features Vinnie munching on a golden crunch biscuit filled with vanilla cream, set against a metallic purple background finish.

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