Investing in our future with large part 3D printing

Written by Elisha Dunkley

Investing in our future – 3D printing large parts

As Malcolm Nicholls Ltd celebrates our 50th year anniversary, it seems the perfect time to share the launch of a very exciting investment in large scale 3D printing for our rapid prototyping company. What’s exciting is that we can now offer 3D printing large parts and components on our impressive build platforms!

Over the last 12 months we have seen a real growth across low volume production,as well as the need for speed on the turnaround of our parts, so we are excited to announce the launch of our second Neo 800 SLA machine to our already impressive suite of machines! We are now home to two of the UK’s largest SLA machines meaning we have larger capacity to print quality SLA parts.

Large-scale 3D Printing

The NEO800 SLA machine has an incredible build platform of 800 x 800 x 600mm and is a huge increase in size from the 500 x 500 x 580mm envelope many companies have on offer. We can produce highly accurate and detailed parts with large components produced in superfast build times. Now that we have two NEOs it gives our clients confidence in our timeframes and build quality, due to our large scale 3D printing capacity

Ross Nicholls (Technical Director) showcasing the work of the NEO800 for BAC Mono

Larger capacity for faster turnaround parts

With the larger build platforms, it also means our 3d printing build capacity has doubled overnight. When we have clients with direct digital manufacturing needs, we can build in much faster timeframes.

As well as investing in our new Neo800, we have also expanded our team, adding more skilled technicians in our workshop and our quoting team
Ross Nicholls, our Technical Director, added ‘with our fleet of 3d printing machines Malcolm Nicholls Ltd are now able to produce high capacity, quality parts quickly without compromising on quality. It’s an exciting time at Malcolm Nicholls Ltd with our new 3d Printing machine and the expansion in our team, giving our clients the confidence in MNL and our ability’.

Delivering Realistic Parts in a Matter of Days

Malcolm Nicholls Ltd can deliver the very best finishes to your prototype. Our finishing team go the extra mile to add realism to your prototype. We offer a variety of finishes including spray painting, chrome plating, flocking, soft-touch paint, hydro-dipping, sealing of SLS to make it water and airtight, and shrink wrap coloured graphics. We offer many finishes and are happy to discuss this in more detail.

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