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Multiple Sets of Functioning Parts From Vacuum Casting

High Quality Prototypes with Vacuum Casting

Vacuum Casted Overmoulded Headphone

Low Volume Vacuum Casting is a method to replicate components, often used in the prototype phase of product development. Strong, durable polyurethane (PU) resin components can be produced from silicone tools. 

In general; MNL produces silicone tools from 3D printed masters, which have been surface finished to replicate the desired production finish. There are many PU resins to choose from, they differ in their physical properties and are often chosen to closely simulate an engineering plastic or elastomer.

Dedicated Project Manager

As experts in vacuum casting, we can help with projects of any size, from any industry. When you choose our prototype vacuum casting service, you will have a dedicated project manager to guide you through the best materials and methods for your needs.

We work with many different industries and create a variety of model types – from exhibition models to jigs and fixtures.

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Full quality check by our engineers
Secure delivery by our trusted couriers

Market Research Sets Produced by Vacuum Casting

We’re often asked…

What is vacuum casting?

Vacuum casting is a rapid prototyping process that uses a silicone mould and vacuum pressure to create high-quality, functional prototypes with production-grade finishes.

How much does vacuum casting cost?

The cost depends on several factors like part size, complexity, material, and quantity. However, vacuum casting is generally more affordable than injection moulding for low volumes.

What types of parts can be vacuum cast?

You can vacuum cast a wide variety of parts, including:

What information do I need to provide for a quote?
  • CAD file of your design
  • Desired material
  • Quantity
  • Finishing requirements (painting, polishing, etc.)
Which material is best for my project?

It depends on your part’s needs: rigidity, flexibility, heat resistance, chemical resistance, etc. Our experts can advise on the best solution for your needs.

How it works

Upload your files

For unfinished, straight-off-the-printer vacuum cast parts, upload your 3D CAD files and get an instant quote.

For larger projects where quotes for multiple parts are needed, get in touch.

Get your quote

Get your online instant quote for straight off the machine vacuum cast parts, or for more intricate/complex projects our technical team will be on hand to quote you.

Vacuum casting starts

From our vacuum casting facility in the UK, we start producing the parts immediately.

Every single item is quality-checked by our engineers before heading out for delivery.

Delivery/ Collection

Our accurate vacuum cast prototypes can be produced in days, even hours for smaller projects and delivered with our secure couriers.

Prefer pickup? Our headquarters are in Bidford-on-Avon, just contact us ahead to arrange a collection time.

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