Rapid Prototyping Services For Packaging

Just as FMCG packaging design is integral to the whole of experience of consumer goods, producing prototypes and models to showcase those designs is equally important. Malcolm Nicholls Limited(MNL) has been producing quality models in all product development stages for over 40 plus years helping companies evaluate the effectiveness of the powerful marketing tool that packaging plays.

Packaging prototypes enable companies to assess aesthetic and functional criteria and to undertake valuable market research. In addition to proof-of-concept, the visual appearance of your prototype may sometimes be important for presentations especially marketing.

To hit seasonal promotions the speed of concept development and time to market is critical.  (MNL) has proven time and time again that the creation of a prototype in only a matter of days is essential.

The ability to provide prototype components in food safe materials has established MNL as a leader in this field. Using cast resin systems, blow moulding and CNC machined plastics, our customers can not only verify their CAD data, but also physically test with the same prototype, saving time and reducing development costs.

MNL’s 40-plus years of model making experience will ensure your model looks and performs just like the real thing, including all graphics and logos, colours, and surface finishes.

Our rapid prototyping methods provide a quick and cost effective solution to developing new products. Be it clear drinking vessels, bottles, packaging, cutlery and crockery, coffee dispensers to food processors, MNL is a ‘single source solution’ to satisfy all your R&D requirements. Our fast and reliable services help you bring new product ranges to market faster and gain the competitive edge.

Typical sectors/applications include:

Field trials models • Beverage dispense • Wax patterns for investment casting • Application of graphics •Closures • Speciality Packaging • Custom Packaging • Irregular Shapes • Tactile Finishes • Speciality Metal effects • Lids show Caps • nozzles • Glass like prototypes •

Prototype Packaging Case Studies

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