Norgren – Valve Block

Engineering Prototypes Made Perfect: MNL Delivers Exceptional Results for Valve Manufacturer

Norgren Valve Blocks

Engineering Prototypes Done Right: MNL Helps Valve Manufacturer Achieve Precision Perfection

Challenge: A valve manufacturer needed high-precision prototypes for a safety valve system controlling air pressure across various machines. The design demanded tight tolerances, repeatability, and a visually appealing finish for engineering evaluation, testing, and regulatory approval.

SLA Stereolithography
Graphics and the Use of Production Fastenings Added Realism
High Accuracy Vacuum Castings Used to Produce Valve Blocks
Various Features had Tolerances as Tight as +/-0.05mm

MNL to the Rescue:

Leveraging our expertise in rapid prototyping, we embarked on a multi-step process:

  • Ultra-Fine SLA Printing: STL files were transformed into 3D printed masters using our advanced SLA technology, boasting an impressive layer thickness of 0.05mm. This ensured exceptional detail and dimensional accuracy.
  • Precision-Enhanced Silicone Tooling: To achieve the required tight tolerances (as low as ±0.05mm!), we incorporated high-precision metal inserts into the silicone tooling used for polyurethane casting. This guaranteed consistent part replication across 30 sets.
  • Repeatability & Functionality: Recognizing the crucial need for components to fit together within specific tolerances, we meticulously focused on maintaining repeatability throughout the casting process.
  • Comprehensive Testing & Approval: The resulting prototypes underwent rigorous engineering evaluation, fit and function testing, and regulatory approval, paving the way for a smooth transition to production.
  • Polished Finish: The final touch? Eye-catching graphics were applied, showcasing the professionalism and attention to detail MNL is known for.

Beyond Prototypes:

This project highlights MNL’s capabilities in:

    • Precision SLA printing: We deliver exceptionally fine details and accurate geometries for demanding applications.
    • Enhanced tooling: Our expertise extends beyond printing, incorporating advanced techniques like metal inserts for unmatched precision.
    • Repeatability mastery: We ensure parts consistently meet your exact specifications, crucial for complex assemblies.
    • Complete service: From printing to finishing, we handle every step of the process, saving you time and resources.

Investing in Engineering Prototypes with MNL:

By choosing MNL, you gain access to cutting-edge technology, skilled engineers, and a commitment to quality. We partner with you to bring your innovative ideas to life, ensuring seamless development and successful product launches.

The Models also had to be Aesthetically Pleasing with Specific Textures

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