Power From Waste – 3D Printed Scale Model

MNL delivers a show-stopping architectural 3D Printed scale model for the environmental industry, utilising 3D printing and expert craftsmanship to meet a tight deadline and budget. Learn how we can bring your next architectural scale model vision to life.

Power from Waste – 3D Printed Scale Model

Delivering an Architectural 3D Printed Scale Model for the Environmental Industry in Record Time

Challenge: Create a lightweight, detailed, and portable architectural scale model showcasing a new recycling plant for a major environmental company. The model needs to be ready for a publicity event within a very tight timeframe and budget.

Solution: Leveraging our expertise in 3D printing and traditional model making we were able to create a stunning and informative model that exceeded our clients expectations.

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Key Highlights:

    • Multiple 3D Printing Technologies: Utilising both SLA and SLS 3D printing, we achieved exceptional detail and accuracy. SLA parts offered a smooth finish, requiring minimal post-processing, while SLS printed domes showcased an impressive lack of visible layering due to the refined powder material.
    • Fast Turnaround: Five in-house 3D printers worked simultaneously, churning out parts in mere days, meeting the strict deadline
    • Expert Finishing: Our skilled model makers applied light sanding and hand finishing to specific areas, ensuring a flawless appearance
    • Traditional Craftsmanship: The model base incorporated roadways, trees, and other details using traditional model-making techniques, enhancing realism and scale representation.
    • Colour-Coded Clarity: Strategic color coding clearly communicated the various processes within the recycling plant, effectively conveying complex information to the audience.

The Results:

    • The completed model, measuring 1.5m x 1.2m, was lightweight, portable, and visually captivating.
    • The project was delivered within just over a week, exceeding the client’s expectations and ensuring their publicity event was a success
    • This project is a testament to our unique combination of advanced 3D printing technology and traditional model-making expertise, solidifying its position as a leader in creating high-quality architectural scale models.
MNL - 3D Printing Model Makers
The Scale Model Requirements

The model needed to be capable of illustrating the new technology to be used at the plant whilst demonstrating how the logistics of waste delivery to the plant is handled. The scale of the model needed to be large enough to show detail, yet small enough to enable the showpiece to fit in a car. The perfect size combination chosen was approx. 1.5m x 1.2m. The model needed to be lightweight for portability and colour-coded to demonstrate the specifics of the processes that make up the recycling plant. The model needed to be produced in just over a week and built on a limited budget.

How We Acheived The Architectural Model 

The model was essentially 3D printed using SLA models in an ABS-type material, SLA being one of the most accurate processes and giving the best surface finish, for this project parts came straight off the machine with just the support structure removed and spray painted the various colours as seen in the photos.

There was little surface finishing done to the SLA models apart from a light sand-blast to key the surface ready for acceptance of paint.

You may note that the large domes have no visible stepping at all. These were produced via 3D printed SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) MNL SLS material has an improved surface finish as the particle size of the powder is small thus improving visible surface area were the only areas that had some hand finishing by MNLs in house model making team to remove the stair stepping effect from the layering process.

Why Choose Malcolm Nicholls for Your 3D Printing and Scale Model-Making Needs?

Unmatched Speed and Efficiency:

Tight deadlines? No problem! Our in-house fleet of SLA and SLS 3D printers allows us to produce parts rapidly, saving you valuable time and ensuring project completion even within the most demanding timeframes. In this case, we utilised five printers simultaneously to churn out parts in mere days, exceeding expectations.

In-House Expertise, Seamless Integration:

Experience the power of combined technologies. We don’t stop at printing. Our skilled model makers seamlessly integrate 3D printed components with traditional crafting techniques. This project demonstrates the perfect blend, with the baseboard incorporating hand-built details like roadways and trees for added realism.

Precision Meets Customisation:

Your vision brought to life with meticulous detail.

Our team possesses the expertise to hand-finish and paint 3D printed parts to your exact specifications, achieving the color accuracy and visual impact you require. In this project, meticulous color-coding transformed the model into a clear and informative communication tool.

Go Beyond 3D Printing:

We offer more than just 3D printing. Our comprehensive services encompass the entire project lifecycle, from design and material selection to finishing and final assembly. This holistic approach ensures a streamlined experience and a final product that surpasses expectations.

By choosing Malcolm Nicholls Ltd, you gain access to cutting-edge 3D printing technology, a team of passionate model makers, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results – all within a cost-effective and time-efficient framework.

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