Architectural Model Built using Various 3D Printing Methods Smaller Details were Produced on High Resolution SLA Machines SLS Produced The Cooling Domes Data was Divided into Specific Areas to Aid Paint Spraying 3D Printed SLA Components Straight from the Machine Some Areas Were Left with the Build Lines Visible Trad Model Making Techniques Used to Produce Baseboard + Other Areas Get a Quote Now

Power from Waste

Architectural model for the Environmental Industry….

In brief ….

MNL produced a lightweight scale architectural model for the Environmental Industry, utilising 3D printing, predominantly Stereolithography (SLA) and Selective laser sintering (SLS). The model was produced in record time ready for a publicity day the following week.

Model requirements….

The model needed to be capable of illustrating the new technology to be used at the plant whilst demonstrating how the logistics of waste delivery to the plant is handled. The scale of the model needed to be large enough to show detail, yet small enough to enable the show piece to fit in a car. The perfect size combination chosen was approx. 1.5m x 1.2m. The model needed to be lightweight for portability and colour coded to demonstrate the specifics of the processes that make up the recycling plant. The model needed to be produced in just over a weeks’ time and built to a limited budget.

How it was achieved…

The model was essentially 3D printed using SLA models in an ABS type material, SLA being one of the most accurate processes and giving the best surface finish, for this project parts came straight off the machine with just support structure removed and spray painted the various colours as seen in the photos.

There was little surface finishing done to the SLA models apart from a light sand-blast to key the surface ready for acceptance of paint.

You may note that the large domes have no visible stepping at all. These were produced via 3D printed SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) MNL SLS material has an improved surface finish as the particle size of the powder is small thus improving visible surface area were the only areas that had some hand finishing by MNLs in house model making team to remove the stair stepping effect from the layering process.

Why MNL?….

One of the key facts for using MNL expertise was cost and time. Utilising MNL’s in house 3D printing systems, both Sla and SLS, parts were produce in a very tight time frame. Five of MNL’s in-house 3D printing machines were utilised at the same time to manufacture 3D printed parts thus producing parts in only a matter of a few days.

Having a full team of model makers at MNL’s disposal meant that as parts came off the machine they could be either hand finished or sprayed to the exact colour spec required , the base board was produced traditionally incorporating roadways, trees etc, making this an exact scale model.

The entire project was completed from data to desk in just over a week.

In conclusion….

Almost anyone can 3D print a model it’s what you do with it after is where MNL stands out from the crowd, with a selection of 3D Printing processes and a skilled model making team, make for a perfect project partnership.

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