The Quabrid, 3D Printed and Finished in Gloss Black Paint Gloss Black 3D Printed Piece of Art The Data Divided into Regions Ready for 3D Printing The Skull Area Part-Way Through De-Caking After SLS Production 3D Tattoos Embellished Lots of Areas of the Piece. The Piece was Cut into Regions to Enable Superior Finishing, Here the Ribs. Get a Quote Now

Quabrid Statue

This stunning model was the brainchild of a London based artist, Alex Bunn.

The sculpture Quabrid imaginatively explores the reshaping of the human form. The bust is formed by using multiple high-resolution medical scan topography of different tissues of the body and is then fused with architectural components to create a unique hybrid portrait.

The artist digitally added 3D tattoos to the inner and outer walls of the skull and collar. This data was supplied to Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) as an STL file. The data was used to produce a 3D printed model. Due to the complexity of the design the most suitable 3D printing process was Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) the model had to be split into several sections due to its size and complexity. Parts such as the rib cage, heart, lungs and skull were built individually. Each section had to be hand finished, removing build layers and creating a perfect black gloss finish.  MNL must admit that this was a project to be remembered, as you can imagine how strange it was to hold a heart, lungs, rib cage etc. in your hands.

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