Razor Handles Including Intricate Features and Over Mouldings We Can Over Mould onto Virtually Any Substrate Vacuum Cast Materials In a Variety of Colours including Clear and Tinted Overmoulded Flash is Controlled using Bespoke Techniques Flexible Over Mouldings can be trialed in Many Different Shore Hardness's

Razor Handles

Certain projects have been selected from MNL’s Rich History, this one comes from 2008:

First launched in 2008, the Azor 4-Blade System Razor from King of Shaves was the first British designed system razor for over 100 years. The unique flexible hinge “shaves better because it bends” – it incorporates a patented Bendology.

At the same time, the large soft rubber ‘beard bumper’ helps reduce risk of unwanted nicks and lifts stubble for a smoother more comfortable shave. The ergonomically designed, lightweight handle allows for a superbly comfortable shave which effortlessly follows every contour and curve of your face.

Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL); having prototyped many ladies and gents shaving products, were approached in this instance to produce a gentleman’s razor. The Azor was produced using the following key processes. 3D printed models utilising MNL’s high resolution Stereolithography (SLA) process. This process gives the best surface finish and a defined crispness of feature on a component. Once all of the components were produced via 3D printing, they were hand finished by MNL’s highly skilled model making team. Predominantly most components were finished to a perfect gloss; others that were going to be cast as elastomers only required a satin finish. Once all components were finished to their required level, they were then used as patterns to aid the creation of a silicone soft tool.

Castings from a silicone tool are produced in a variety of polyurethane (PU) materials;  The PU materials chosen mimicked the production intent material, including elastomers and rigids alike.  Prototypes were colour matched to Pantone references supplied, and to sample parts for texture.

A wide range of razors have been created by MNL using similar processes as mentioned above. Some using plastic and some in metal, a wide variety with elastomer over-mouldings.

Ladies disposable razor handle. This set of parts were required to be identical in their semi-transparency colour, perfectly edge-matched over-moulding and accurate to provide a perfect snap fit to the production made razor heads.

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