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Replica Bronze Heads

This bronze casting effect was produced using a combination of 3D laser scanning, 3D printing, metal encapsulation and old-fashioned patinas.

The subject was sat on a 360 rotating chair at the heart of the specialised laser scanner. The laser scanner is usually doing work scanning famous actors or for models such as those seen on BBCs “Walking with Dinosaurs”.

After post-processing the 3D data was 3D printed on our large format SLA machine overnight.

Once the SLA was post-cured, a small ammount of hand finishing ensured the evidence of the printers layering was removed.

Metal encapsulation followed the SLA process where approx 300 microns of copper were added on top of the SLAs epoxy material.

The resulting part was now strong and durable, but more importantly capable of taking the patination chemicals to their desired effect.

In approx 2 weeks we had gone from nothing to “ancient masterpiece”.

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    3D Printed and Metal Coated Bronze "Heads" in 4 Different Sizes