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SATCase Mobile Phone Converter

SATcase™ is a revolutionary device that transforms the common smartphone into a sophisticated satellite phone. SATcase approached Malcolm Nicholls Ltd to see if we could manufacture 20 sets of vacuum casting components.

After placing their smartphone into a durable, ruggedized case and installing the SATcase™ application, users can stay in touch with others no matter where they are in the world.

Throughout the development of the SATcase, the team of designers went through a typical new product development design cycle involving multiple iterations of the “3D printing/design review/implement changes” once the design had been frozen, we produced 20 sets of vacuum casted components from the 3D printed masters of the approved data. Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) provided the “3D Assistance” by 3D printing the prove-out masters at the initial stage followed by the finishing required to produce 3d printed water-clear parts. This high level of finish was carried out by some of the most experienced members of the finishing team to provide the high gloss surfaces necessary. The high gloss surfaces ensure that the clear castings produced from the masters at the silicon tooling stage are optically clear similar to the final production mouldings.

The team in MNL’s vacuum casting department produced 20 sets of tightly tolerance components all fitting together into a pre-checked assembly, ready for trials using smartphones from various brands.

Prototype of a Fully Functioning Mobile Phone Case with Rubber Membranes Over Internal Buttons

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